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@Tawala SOUL-CAL Saturday (03/25) Hour 1

@Tawala SOUL-CAL Saturday (03/25) Hour 2

WonderCon Anaheim 2023 schedule highlights. They have so much to explore. A video captured thieves smashing into Tujunga shop stealing over $1M worth of collectables. Great things to do around Southern California. PSA! Hawaiian Gardens exhibits traveling Vietnam Veterans Memorial to mark war's 50th anniversary. PLUS everything you need to know about the Wiggle Waggle Walk. It's all on KFI-640.

@Tawala SOUL-CAL Saturday (03/18) Hour 1

LAUSD workers are going on strike and here is what they want if we want to avoid a school shutdown next week. San Francisco board open to reparations with $5M payout. What's the next step for San Francisco? Prisoners are set up to fail once they are released. San Quentin prison is trying a revitalization program that will turn their prison into a rehab center. Tawala has some thoughts about it. $30 insulin? It is coming to California. Tawala breaks it down on SOUL-Cal Saturday on KFIAM-640.

@Tawala SOUL-CAL Saturday (03/18) Hour 2

It's the 38th Annual LA Marathon and Tawala has every possible fact you need to know. Potholes are a problem but we are breaking down the solutions. There are always things to do in Southern California. Tawala shares some fun things to do around SoCal. WonderCon is coming to Anaheim 2023. Listen and enjoy on SOUL-Cal Saturday on KFIAM-640

@Tawala SOUL-CAL Saturday (03/11) Hour 1

Tawala talks why he cares so much about the unhoused with a touching personal story. He gets into helping the Un-Housed. There is a new housing project open for homeless college students in Boyle Heights. UCLA Health receives $25.3 million for street medicine program caring for homeless. Tawala talks to Peter Watts about The Teacher Village. Peter and DiDi Watts started a program focusing on training Black Male Teachers. There are only 2% of Black men that are teachers in North America. They are making a difference and changing that on SOUL-Cal Saturday on KFIAM-640.

@Tawala SOUL-CAL Saturday (03/11) Hour 2

It's almost Oscars time!!! Tawala breaks down everything you need to know about the Oscars. Also, breaking down fun things to do alone or as a couple in Los Angeles. Tawala is talking about it all on SOUL-Cal Saturday on KFIAM-640.

@Tawala SOUL-CAL Saturday (03/04) Hour 1

Storm watch!!! It's the aftermath and Tawala is getting into it. California LOVEEEE! 1 in 5 Americans want to live in Los Angeles, but only if money wasn't a thing. There is a bullet train from Southern California and Las Vegas. Will more people be moving. LAPD may no longer send armed officers to these police calls, including welfare check, parking violations, and person dumping trash. Also, McOsker introduces motion to speed up 911 call response in Los Angeles. Tawala is talking how we can connect formerly incarcerated people with jobs in LA county. Take a listen.

@Tawala SOUL-CAL Saturday (03/04) Hour 2

California weighs $360,000 in reparations to eligible Black residents. Filling the void in Inner-City Education. There is a dire need for male teachers of color in the school system and these men are stepping up! There is a South LA couple building a literal village of Black male educators. There is always something to do in Southern California! Tawala is talking things to do this March! AlienCon is here!!! Let's talk AlienCon and the movies!!!

@Tawala SOUL-CAL Saturday (02/25) Hour 1

STORMWATCH- The Latest on the storm hitting Southern California. How the Unhoused can be housed and safe tonight. What events can you get into during this storm? If you want to get out there are things to do. Tawala is also talking to YOU. Listeners call in and talk about the storm in their area. We talk to someone who is working on back up generators and Hank from Sherman Oaks is trying to house our homeless vets! You can check out ER at the VA or Tarzana Treatment Center.

@Tawala SOUL-CAL Saturday (02/25) Hour 2

Now that we know UFOs exist, it has been confirmed, AlienCon is cooler than ever. AlienCon is bringing close encounters to the Pasadena Convention Center. CicLavia- The Valley shutting down Sherman Oaks. Check out these cool spots along the way if you're taking part in CicLAvia. Producer Kayla had the opportunity to speak to Radio and Media students at California Lutheran Program, thanks to Kyle Tamkin. Also there are some indoor activities we can get into here in SoCAl. Also Tawala is taking your calls. We talk to listeners about what is going on in their area.