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Not All Hero's Wear Capes: Fontana War Veterans Will Never Be Forgotten

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Bill Freeman is a army veteran and author. He has spent the last few years researching the lives of Fontana men who have died serving their country in WWII, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War on Terror.

He wrote a book, Fontana Honor Roll: Our Local Heroes, and it is described as 318 pages filled with stories of 59 men. It started out as a pamphlet but Freeman later turned it into a book.

The city of Fontana fully supports him and is committed to recognizing the veterans who are from there. Fontana is now in the process of building a memorial dedicated to those 59 men. The goal is to get this book in every school in Fontana.

"This honor roll project is just getting our local heroes names out there and more importantly teaching our young people what a great history we have here in our community. History is so lost in our society and our children are the ones that have suffered the most by that, but now they have a book they can actually look at and relate to and that, to me, is a project that everyone should want to be involved in." said Fontana Mayor Acquanetta Warren.

Freeman said "A person dies twice; once when they physically die and seconds when no one remembers them."

With is book, Fontana Honor Roll: Our Local Heroes, veterans will never be forgotten again.

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