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Apprenticeships: Earn AND Learn Simultaneously w/ Ryan Craig #827

Apprenticeships aren’t just for blacksmiths! The notion that an individual could earn a living, while simultaneously learning how to do their job is such a foreign concept. That’s certainly not how we do things here in America where more folks believe that it takes money to make money! In recent decades more individuals have subscribed to the idea that you have to go to the most expensive college, take on a boatload of student loans, and saddle yourself with years of debt if you want a decent job that pays. Some of the most selective universities are quickly approaching the $100,000 mark… for a single year of college. Nothing has risen faster than the price of college over the decades. But, what if there was another way? We’re joined by education and workforce expert Ryan Craig who says that there are alternatives. His book, Apprentice Nation explores how a modern apprenticeship system will allow students and job seekers to jump-start their careers by learning while they earn, leading to greater workforce diversity and geographic mobility. Hear why other countries are beating us at the apprenticeship game, the types of industries that would greatly benefit from apprenticeships, why college and apprenticeships aren’t mutually exclusive, where you can go to find the best learn and earn programs today, and much more!


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