Joel and Matt are best friends who love talking about money while drinking delicious beer. So they created a podcast incorporating both! 45+ million downloads they are still energized by the mission of reaching people with practical money-saving advice.

The Status Quo Isn’t Working

40% of Americans don’t have the ability to cover an unexpected $400 expense, college students are graduating with unfathomable sums of debt, and the world of personal finance has become increasingly complex.

It’s Time to Make a Change

Altering the way you handle your personal finances is a major part of the solution. But where do you start? Who can you trust? And how much will that advice cost you?

How To Money is a podcast & website providing the knowledge & tools that normal folks need to thrive in areas like debt payoffDIY investing, & crucial money tricks that will provide continuous help along your journey. We believe that access to free, unbiased, and jargon-free personal finance guidance is more necessary than ever before.

I’m Joel

I’m obsessed with personal finance. But you don’t have to be. 

Most of us didn’t learn a lick about money in school. I certainly didn’t. My parents didn’t either. My family’s money struggles during my formative years were the catalyst for my DIY personal finance quest, which morphed into a lifelong mission. I just had to figure out if it was possible to not be stressed about money all the time.

The answer I found was YES, it is.

I want you to experience a stress-free relationship with money too. That’s why we started How To Money – to turn a joint obsession into a resource so you can gain the crucial knowledge you need to fuel your financial future.

I’ve got no desire to become a billionaire. Most of us don’t. We just want to gain the skills and confidence to be able to handle money well so it doesn’t feel like a dark cloud hanging over us all the time. We’d love for you to join our tribe of money nerds!

And I’m Matt!

The conversation happened when my newly married wife, Kate, and I were driving to work. We had recently started our own photography business and were driving to a shoot in our one and only car- an old Honda with a busted A/C. Earlier that week we had been staying up late binging on some Downton Abbey, and now as the summer sun began to bake us while we barreled down the interstate, Kate asked:

“How are the Crawleys able to live like that? They don’t have real jobs or anything…” 

Aside from the fact that Downton was just a made-up show on PBS, our conversation meandered from small business hustling to generational wealth and living off of the estate. Finally, we landed on the term financial independence because that was at the core of Kate’s question. We had no desire to live in a castle and ride in fox hunts, but we did know that we wanted to have more options than we currently had at that moment.

We wanted to have the choice to say no to a photography gig that wasn’t a good fit even if it was going to pay handsomely. We wanted the option to be able to jump on a cheap flight to Ireland for a last-minute vacation, to add onto our little bungalow, or for Kate to stay home with kids once we started growing our family. We’re not the only ones who have these aspirations.

Options give you more control over your life and who doesn’t want more freedom to pursue the things you care about?! That’s why Joel and I are obsessed with helping others with their money- it’s not because we want you to be “filthy rich”, but because we want you to lead a fulfilling life, and mastering your personal finances is a vital step in getting there.

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