"How To Money" With Joel Larsgaard

"How To Money" With Joel Larsgaard

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How To Money Show 12/3

Photo: Joel Larsgaard

Join Joel Larsgaard every week for the best information on how to save, invest, and enjoy what matters in life.

This week, Joel tackles the following topics:

  • New stats on money and happiness and how much is takes to be really happy....but is that really true?
  • Good news from the IRS for folks who use Venmo & PayPal
  • Even fast food isn't immune from inflation
  • Airlines are making a LOT of money in fees...but is that a bad thing?
  • Joel's personal story about getting a company to follow through on a price match guarantee
  • How much should you really set aside for that next car purchase?
  • What it takes to be a great investor.
  • Tipping is still fraught with peril for Americans

Links to remember:

Budget Bytes.com - How to create healthy meals on the cheap! Healthy doesn't have to mean expensive!

How to reduce your taxes and and AGI by giving to charity.

Charity Navigator - they evaluate and rate non-profits so you can feel confident in your charitable giving.

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