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Kim Peeble with Von Fass Joins the Fork Reporter

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Kim Peebles joins Neil and talks Vom Fass. Take a listen!

At vomFASS they strive to deliver the highest quality products to their customer sat all times. 

The quality and freshness can only be validated by tasting their products and comparing to what is available in the marketplace. 

Their corporate philosophy is to ensure that their products have the highest of EU Standards ;which equates to them being able to bring the highest quality available to you. Here is why their oils are so special in the market:

  • They know every single producer personally
  • They know their methods ofharvestand processing as well as the production sites
  • Theyknow where the olives originate
  • The olive oils are not blended but exclusively from the countries and regions that we promote
  • The olive oils are exclusively from the latest harvest
  • Theirolive oilscontainthe olive varieties that are typicalforthe country and native to the region

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