Bodega Malbec Has Done Some Cool Rebranding. Owner Javier Pardini Checks In

Malbec restaurant has been giving SoCal diners an authentic and delectable taste of Argentina for more than a decade now recently rebranded as Bodega Malbec to offer restaurant goers more than just amazing cuisine.

They want to create an experience for diners that makes them feel like they are enjoying a traditional Argentine asado at a friend’s house,”  Diners will still be able to enjoy favorites, such as the grilled octopus, carpaccio, and of course empanadas, but Bodega Malbec will also offer empanadas cordobesas, an homage to the owner’s Argentine birthplace of Córdoba. Still plump, juicy, and flavorful, these empanadas are a combination of savory and sweet, filled with beef, potatoes, hard-boiled eggs, olives, and white sugar.

Bodega Malbec's owner is Javier Pardini.  He has gone through many struggles through the pandemic, as most restaurant owners, but on top of that, he recently separated from his partners, so he kept the Toluca Lake location and renamed it Bodega Malbec, as a sort of rebirth, with a newconcept.

He wanted to pay homage to his childhood memories growing up in the Argentine countryside, and his father's memory, by incorporating the idea of the classic Argentine asado (barbecue) in his new concept, focusing on high quality ingredients, cooked in a traditional, rustic manner. He is very passionate about sharing the best of Argentine food, wine, and culture.

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