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Hall's Beer Cheese Sauce Recipe

The great folks at Hall's Beer Cheese have offered up a delicious recipe for Hall's Beer Cheese Sauce. You can use this sauce on a burger, nachos, mac & cheese, or eat it right out of the tub! If you have any recipe ideas you can email us at

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Hall’s Beer Cheese Sauce

16 oz. (2 regular size containers) Hall’s Original Beer Cheese

16 oz. Half and Half 

½ cup diced red onions

½ cup diced green peppers

5 oz. chopped and cooked country ham

5 slices of thick cut bacon

1 tablespoon Olive Oil 

  1. Lightly sauté diced red onions and green peppers over medium heat with one tablespoon of Olive Oil. Reduce heat to low once vegetables begin to brown.
  2. Sautee bacon in separate pan and set aside to cool and then chop
  3. Add chopped country ham to sautéed onions and peppers and continue to stir on low heat. 
  4. Slowly pour half and half into saucepan with vegetables and chopped ham and stir mixture. Turn heat back up to medium and add in container of Hall’s Beer Cheese one tablespoon at a time while continuing to stir. Add in chopped bacon. Turn heat off when sauce begins to bubble. 

Hall’s Beer Cheese Nachos 

  • Pour Hall’s Beer Cheese Sauce over a large platter of tortilla chips of your choosing. Top with your favorite nacho bar toppings. We recommend jalapenos, fresh salsa, green onions, sour cream, and even some prepared pulled pork as a crowd pleaser.

Hall’s Beer Cheese Mac-and-Cheese

  • Pour Hall’s Beer Cheese Sauce over a bowl of hot pasta noodles of your choosing and mix well. Serve with additional topping of crispy chopped bacon, breadcrumbs, and grated cheese.

Hall’s Beer Cheese Soup

  • Ladle Hall’s Beer Cheese Sauce into small soup bowls. If you prefer a thinner soup consistency than stir in a cup of chicken stock in the last step of the recipe for the sauce before bringing sauce to a bubble. Top soup bowls with additional crispy chopped bacon and fresh chives. Serve with toasted crostini or bread of your choosing.

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