Imli, Eats from the streets of India, coming soon to Whittier

Founders Nikhil Merchant and Ashwini Jhaveri are bringing Indian street food to Whittier. Imli's recipes have been handed down by generations of "Maharaj’s" (private cooks in Indian kitchens). Their fixed menu changes every week, offering vegan options, and giving you a glimpse into the robust and opulent history of India.

You can order from Toast or their Instagram

Nikhil has had a passion for cooking since the age of 12. He started his career in journalism in 2006, where he writes extensively on food and the people behind it for luxury publications, nationally as well as internationally. His love for cooking and thirst for knowledge opened doors of some of the best kitchens in India and abroad where he got to interact, cook, learn and execute finest cuisines of the world from culinary masterminds.

Ashwini first love has always been food and was brought up being exposed to a variety of foods. She has grown up around cooks and chefs who cooked up delicacies from traditional recipes handed down by elders. A typical urban house would have an in-house chef called “Maharaj” (translated to ‘house cook’). In India, she academically pursued a course in Law, earning a Master’s degree.

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