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The Inspirational Story of 'Happy Ice'

Lemeir Mitchell is an entrepreneur that comes from very humble beginnings.

He faced many personal challenges while growing up in Philadelphia, and even more into his young adult life. After the death of his brother, Lemeir says that was when he truly realized the importance of making the most of each and every day. And for him, that meant it was finally time to chase his dreams! So he did something he had always wanted to do, he took the plunge and moved to Los Angeles.

Lemeir originally moved to L.A. to pursue a career as a tattoo artist. But as we all know, life rarely goes as planned...

Now, he's the proud owner of Happy Ice, where they craft and serve ultra-premium Water Ice treats for all of Southern California.

Using Lemeir's own secret recipe, Happy Ice has perfected the smooth, rich, creamy texture of an ice cream with the light, fruity refreshment of a sorbet. And with its delicious flavors and vibrant colors, Happy Ice is guaranteed to bring happiness to any situation!

Lemeir currently has two Happy Ice trucks that travel all around Southern California, but he also has a brand new storefront on the way...

Next Saturday, June 20, Lemeir and Happy Ice will celebrate the grand opening of their new Melrose location with new flavors, music, giveaways and more!

Lemeir joined The Fork Report to talk more about the challenging yet inspirational journey that has lead him to Happy Ice.

Take a listen below!

For more Happy Ice, visit their website:

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