Ken Morgan’s Medical Expenses

On December 3rd, 2019, Ken went to urgent care for what he thought was a possible pulled muscle in his chest. The medical staff quickly discovered that the pain Ken was experiencing was not from a pulled muscle but from a large tear in his aorta. Immediate surgery was required and due to the severity of Ken’s condition and the possible complications that could arise as a result of the procedure, he was given a 35% chance of surviving the surgery. Despite these discouraging odds, Ken survived the 9-hour surgery.

A month after the initial surgery, Ken remains in the hospital having spent all but 4 days in the Cardiac Care Unit (CCU) and continues to require constant monitoring as his condition stabilizes enough to begin his post-surgery physical rehabilitation which will happen at another facility close to his home.  His wife, Mia, has been a constant source of love, hope, and support throughout this ordeal and has taken time off of work to be at the hospital to monitor Ken’s care.

Let’s surround the Morgan family with love and prayers and help take some of the financial pressure off of them so they can focus on Ken’s full recovery.  Donations of any amount would help greatly as well as sharing this link within your circles of friends and loved ones.  

To donate and learn more about Ken visit his GoFundMe by CLICKING HERE

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