Eating Clean with Chef Mareya Ibrahim

Chef Mareya Ibrahim is an award-winning entrepreneur, chef, author, and inventor.  She is the founder and CEO of Grow Green Industries, Inc. creators of patented, plant-based organic and Kosher solutions formulated to enhance food safety practices and extend produce shelf life under the brands eatCleaner®, eatSafe™ and eatFresh™. As a nationally recognized expert on food safety and eating clean, she has been a featured speaker for the Network for a Healthy California, the Los Angeles Green Festival, the California School Nutrition Association, and the California Fit Expo. 

Chef Mareya stops by with some great recipe and meal prep ideas to get you through the week. Check out some of her recipes here...

Sandwich Sushi

Just by taking whole grain or gluten-free bread and rolling it, you can transform it into a great lunch treat.  Flatten each piece with a rolling pin or end of a wooden spoon, spread with cream cheese, slices of avocado and cucumber and roll tight.  Sprinkle the top with ground flax meal for added Omega 3 benefits and a nice crunch.

Veggie Skewers with hummus

Just like fruit kabobs, veggies on a stick with a side of hummus is a great balance of micronutrients, protein and good quality, monounsaturated fat.  Skewer raw vegetables they love, including broccoli, cherry tomatoes, and cucumber and add veggies like avocado and red pepper to the hummus to up the nutrition ante.

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