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Domino's Takes On Potholes (for pizza's sake!)

Potholes.  We hate em!  We all know the feeling of the rocky road up n' down extravaganza when we navigate over these beasts of the street.

But we're human.  We can take it.  You know who can't?


Domino's Pizza recently launched a new campaign which demonstrates the agony every pizza deliverer goes through.  Not only the drivers, but more importantly...the pizza itself!

So what exactly does happen to a pizza when they go over potholes?  Take a look:

That's right.  Domino's is actually paying to fill potholes in various cities.  

Hey, if the city won't do it...why not Domino's?

For those who want to nominate their own cities for pothole cleanup a la Domino's, head on over to and enter your zip code!

And oh yeah, every fixed pothole will be emblazoned with the Domino's logo.  

Touché, Domino's.  Touché.

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