Fundraiser for Rancher Rick from Tub's Chili

This is credit from Rancher Rick's and Boss Mama Margie's GoFundMe. 

There aren’t many Culver City locals who don’t know who Rancher Rick is. With his strong sense of community and entrepreneurial spirit, he has become a Culver City Legend.  He is quite literally and figuratively larger than life.  He is a BIG man with BIG ideas, a BIG heart, a BIG smile and a BIG personality. For the past 3 1/2 years he has put up a very BIG fight with his nemesis, stage IV colon cancer.  However, he has continued to greet his friends, family & constant stream of customers at his successful concept restaurant, Tub’s Chili.  Sadly, cancer has caught up with this cowboy and is not fighting fairly. Rancher Rick is currently under hospice care at home with his loving posse surrounding him. The problem is his beloved BossMama Margie is overwhelmed with managing Rick’s care, as well as keeping their restaurant operating with a small, but devoted group of ranch hands to help. There are not enough hours in the day to spend the much needed time with her husband of 37 years as he fights for his life each day.  When someone we love is going through these final stages, we often ask “Is there anything I can do to help?”  Well, in this case there is. We would like to invite all friends, family, chili fans, community members and strangers to help ease the burden of the Hodges family by contributing to a fund to give BossMama and her posse the time to spend with Rancher Rick while he is still able to crack a few jokes, and think up new ideas while preparing to ride off into the sunset.  Tub’s Chili would like to close it’s doors for the month of June 2017 in honor of Rancher Rick. To do this, we want to make sure the financial responsibilities of the restaurant and it’s staff are taken care of.  It is a gift of love and compassion that goes beyond the generous gifts of meals, visits and flowers.  It is the gift of time with those who love you most, your posse.Our plan is to resume business as usual in early July. The family is forever grateful to all of you who support us in thoughts, words and deeds. Happy Trails to you from the whole Hodges Family.

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