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Dr. Wendy After Dark

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@DrWendyWalsh (03/12) Hour 1

@DrWendyWalsh (03/12) Hour 2

Can a liar be cured? The conversation continues. There are toxic thoughts that can ruin your relationships. Is there really a problem or is it in your head? These thoughts bring down relationships. We are going to Social Media and answering all your questions. Also, there is a something that strenghtens your mental health and it isn't medicine, or therapy. Dr. Wendy explains all on Dr. Wendy Walsh After Dark on KFI-AM640

@DrWendyWalsh (03/05) Hour 1

Dr. Wendy talks Chris Rocks live Netflix special. She is talking about why being in a relationship is easier for her these days. Are you attracted to someone who is unavailable? Dr. Wendy has the science as to why and what you can do to break your attachment. Also, are sexual disorders always pathological? Dr. Wendy has the answers.

@DrWendyWalsh (03/05) Hour 2

There is a secret to better sex. Listen to Dr. Wendy break it down. Your sex life is about to get so much better. Dr. Wendy is answering your relationship questions. She gives the best drive by makeshift advice. Is cheating in your marriage future? You want to here this!

@DrWendyWalsh (02/26) Hour 1

Rain has a bad effect on you mood. Dr. Wendy breaks down why. Dr. Wendy is now after dark so we're going to get a little sexy! Why is sex important? How do men and women view sex differently? Psychologists say men and women have different bedroom psychologies. Dr. Wendy talks how to get a woman in the mood. We are talking to Dr. Sophia Yen, a specialist in reproductive health. Why is sex a high risk hobby for single women? Also why is a penis shaped like that? Dr. Wendy breaks it down!

@DrWendyWalsh (02/26) Hour 2

Men don't fall in love through sex!!! How do men fall in love? Dr. Wendy breaks it down. As usual Dr. Wendy is answering your relationship questions. We are taking listener calls and answering social media questions. How to grow intimacy without sex? Emotional intimacy can appear in a number of different ways in a relationship. Dr. Wendy tells us how!

@DrWendyWalsh (02/19) Hour 1

Dr. Wendy is talking parasocial relationships! What are they and when are they an issue? A new CDC study is saying teens are suffering from anxiety and depression more than ever. Why is that? We talk to Jessica Hubbard, the CEO of Casa Youth Shelter, and she is telling us how we can help our teen girls avoid abusive relationships.

@DrWendyWalsh (02/19) Hour 2

We are talking 8 toxic phrases used in relationships. We want your relationship to win! Dr. Wendy is answering your relationship questions. There are 3 kinds of intelligence that make for a good partner. Dr. Wendy explains.

@DrWendyWalsh (02/12) Hour 2

Dr. Wendy is answering your relationship questions! There is an 85 year study out of Harvard University. This study has found the number 1 thing that makes us happy in life and helps us to live longer. Dr. Wendy shares what that study has concluded. Also in our relational lives, there are seven keystones of support. Dr. Wendy shares all!

@DrWendyWalsh (02/12) Hour 1

Celebrating "Super Bowl Widows!" Also, it's Dr. Wendy's Superbowl week, Valentines Day!!! How to have a happy Valentine's Day. Avoid common Valentine's Day mistakes! How to make Valentine's Day affordable! Is therapy lingo a dating status indicator? Dr. Wendy breaks it all down.