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Dr. Wendy is sharing incredible love stories of people who had to overcome obstacles in finding love. She proposed to her beloved Julio.

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Dr. Wendy is talking dating over 40 and answering your relationship questions. She is offering her Wendy Wisdom with her driveby makeshift relationship advice on KFIAM-640!

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Dr. Wendy is talking gender with Amanda Kovattona. Amanda Kovattana is a biracial, tri-cultural writer who grew up in Bangkok before immigrating to California in 1968. As a gender non-conforming child, living in Thailand, she benefited from the “third gender” culture of her Thai heritage. Her coming of age in the San Francisco Bay Area, as a lesbian, introduced her to the gay community and the evolving gay liberation movement. Her skill set draws from her engineer father teaching her how to fix things, while her mother’s profession, as a child therapist and family counselor, gave her an understanding of child development and neurodivergent brain styles. She is the author of two memoirs. Her recent book “The Unexpected Penis: Conversations on the Gender Trail” is a primer and memoir of her observations of the transgender phenomenon." It's all on KFIAM-640! Plus what to do about an emotionally unavailable partner.

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Dr. Wendy is getting our mental health together right before the holidays and with all this heavy news, we are talking Mental Health Tips. PLUS we are sharing some Wendy wisdom with her driveby makeshift relationship advice. It's all on KFIAM-640!

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Stirling Cooper is an Award Winning Australian Adult Entertainment Actor. Stirling now uses his wealth of experience as a professional sex machine to teach men how to improve their own sex lives and through his Youtube channel he also helps enlighten men on the virtues of living an unapologetically masculine life. He is sharing all he knows with Dr. Wendy Walsh on KFIAM-640 PLUS some relationship dos and don'ts!

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Taylor Swift Update, Week 7 - Golden Bachelor Update: Then onto the Rose ceremony. What to do with your feelings of anger. Harvard Psychologist Says These five things Narcissists Always Do in Relationships.

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Army Hammer Doc (Intergenerational trauma, genes or learned?). Brittany Spears Book: The Woman in Me, documents her family history of mental health problems and how the women were all locked up. In the news: former president Donald Trump was seen with his wife Melania for the first time in 7 months. A Halloween party at Mara Lago. Golden Bachelor, Episode 6 just aired.HOW GOLDEN MATES ACTUALLY DATE (According to research) The Difference between Jealousy and Envy (And how they can erode a relationship).

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SOCIAL MEDIA QUESTIONS/CALLERS. Signs you are having a bad relationship with yourself
The most important relationship: the one you have with yourself. Katie Silcox, New York Times Best-Selling Author of Healthy, Happy, Sexy and author of soon-to-be published, Glow Worthy is talking all things self love. Katie’s latest book, Glow-Worthy: Practices for Awakening Your Inner Light and Loving Yourself as You Are - Broken, Beautiful, and Sacred. Glow-Worthy is a guidebook for accessing your inner light—that guiding spiritual force within us that connects us to the Divine (whether you believe that to be the Universe, God, or another Higher Power)—and letting it illuminate your innate power and worth. Glow-Worthy’s powerful framework combining modern science and wisdom from global spiritual traditions will help you live a fuller, more soulful life—no matter your background or faith.