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Finding Meaning in a Seemingly Meaningless Life

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Life can become overwhelming. We all have moments of doubt and sadness within ourselves. This is what we can do to combat it.

1. Live with Intention- The journey of intentional living can be challenging as you begin to define your personal values and beliefs. It may be helpful to practice positive self-talk and disconnect from distractions, such as social media, during this time.

2. Don’t Compare yourself to others – Don’t let envy creep in. Compliment them on their successes.

3. Count Your Blessings Research suggests that feeling and showing appreciation for what you have in your life is a way to embrace the good around you. It can help guide you toward the life of your dreams and help you find a purpose in your day. 2022 research suggests that gratitude writing can help people positively reframe their circumstances, decrease stress, and improve mood.

You can integrate gratitude into your daily life by:

• writing letters to someone who’s had a positive impact on you

• creating a list of things you’re grateful for

• taking time to pause in moments when you feel thankful

• expressing gratitude during prayer.

4. Discover things that give life meaning- Watching for things that bring meaning to your life can help you find positive aspects. Sometimes, it’s the things that seem mundane that bring the most meaning, including a beautiful natural sight or an unexpected blessing.

5. Focus on positive connections - Spending time with positive people is a sure way of finding meaning in your life. The best relationships to engage in are the ones with those who offer support and positivity while encouraging you on your journey. You may also consider making space for nostalgia by reminiscing with family and friends, listening to music that reminds you of joyous times, or creating a scrapbook for important life events.

6. Embrace Nostalgia- Spending moments in nostalgia can help people find, maintain, and restore meaning in life. Research suggests that nostalgia can increase your sense of belonging and acceptance, even when you’re faced with challenges in life. It’s important to note that not everyone has a positive past on which to reflect.

7. Seek professional help- The journey to finding meaning in life can be difficult, but you don’t have to do it alone. Consider speaking with a therapist or psychologist for help with coping and finding meaning in life. If you live with a mental health condition, they can also help you manage symptoms that may contribute to the feelings you’re experiencing.

For more information check out Psych Central.

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