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Most Common Wedding Planning Conflicts

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We all know weddings mean love but we also know it means stress when it comes to wedding planning. Here are some of the most common reasons couples planning weddings fight.

Money- There's no question that throwing a wedding is an expensive endeavor. Psychotherapist Nicholas “Nic” Hardy explains how different spending habits and clashing values can cause these fights to erupt. To prevent this quarrel from happening, Kaplan recommends sitting down with your future spouse and anyone else who's chipping in to create a reasonable budget, where you prioritize certain expenditures over others.

Family Traditions- In some families, there are certain traditions that each generation has passed on. If you're interested in creating your own customs and rituals, you might have to deal with disappointed parents. Before you make any decisions, have an open and honest conversation with your family, where you share your vision. Then, ask them for their thoughts and listen attentively.

Different Opinions Since you and your partner are the ones getting married, your opinion is really the only one that matters. But, things start to get complicated when there are other people paying for some of the costs, which can sometimes give them the assumption that they have a final say. Then, there are friends and family who have all of the best intentions, but they feel the need to comment on every decision and detail, which can get frustrating.

Your Future In-Laws While disagreements with your own family are a common wedding planning fight, those with your future in-laws also frequently pop up among couples. Set healthy boundaries.

The Guest List Deciding who to invite (and who not to invite) to your wedding is another common wedding planning fight among couples and family members. Make sure to set aside time to talk through the guest list with your soon-to-be spouse, so the two of you are on the same page.

Clashing Visions Since your wedding will honor both you and your partner, the two of you have a large say in what the day will look like. These clashing ideas can cause friction between the two of you. Listening, making compromises, and remembering that the two of you are a team will help deescalate any tension.

Planning Duties You and your partner are planning this celebration together, but the workload isn't always evenly distributed. Arrange a time to come together, so you can exchange your thoughts and opinions. You might find that your significant other is more excited about creating the playlist, while you're more interested in choosing the flowers.

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