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Psychology Tricks to Help Your Get a Promotion

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With the cost of living going up and prices raising everywhere we could all use a raise. Here are some psychological tricks.

1. Be a Perfect Employee - Always be on time and ready to go. Even if you work in a looseygoosy workplace that runs on it’s own quirky schedule, it’s better to be on time—or even early. That means every single day and for every single meeting.

2. Solve Problems-Don't Just Identify Them - One of the best ways to stand out as a growing leader to be self-sufficient and demonstrate solid judgment.

3. Make Your Boss’s Life Easier- Anything you can do to minimize your boss’s workload will likely benefit you in the long run. This will demonstrate you know how to take initiative. But to avoid a power struggle, make sure vou shoot a quick email that says something like, “mind if I go ahead and fix this?”

4. Be a secret keeper and you’ll gain access to the inner circle- Earn trust by keeping information about confidential or sensitive subjects to yourself. Beyond that, don’t gossip or backstab at the water cooler. By being a stand-up employee, you'll earn trust and respect.

5. Make Your Boss Look Good- Ensure your work represents your company well. If you take on additional responsibilities, confirm they align with what’s expected of you. Your work reflects on your boss, so make sure they’re proud of you and your product.

6. Ask for Advice - It may seem counterintuitive, but asking your boss for advice can yield dividends. According to research (pdf) by Harvard Business School Professor Alison WoodBrooks, “Individuals perceive those who seek advice as more competent than those who do not.”

7. Advance Your Education - What else can you do to propel your career growth? If you want to sharpen your skills but don’t have the time or resources to go back to school full- or even parttime, consider taking an online course. Don’t expect immediate results. Instead, focus on your personal development and seek ways to become a more well-rounded professional. A promotion may come when you least expect it.

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