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Six Things Every Healthy Relationship Needs

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Love takes work. Here is a step by step of what you need in a healthy relationship.

1. Trust. You must find someone you can trust. Sneaky people are dangerous. They set you up to be blind-sided one day. You are heavily investing in this person, and so you must be able to trust them with your emotions, your finances, and your children.

2. Attraction: Make sure you are emotionally, intellectually, and physically attracted to the individual of your choice. And make sure they are attracted to you.

3. Reliability. They do what they say. They keep promises. Are they a dreamer or a doer?

4. Willingness to take responsibility. If a partner can never say they are sorry, it’s a onesided blame game.

5. Shared Values. Honesty. Health. Environmental. Religion. Child rearing.

6. Spoken Appreciation. Expressing Gratitude. Valuing your partner.

For more information check out Psychology Today.

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