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Red Flags That Are Normalized in Relationships

Aggressive couple arguing about their problems at home.

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1. On and Off relationships are real passion! The pattern becomes one of break-up to makeup, and that never leads to feeling satisfied in the relationship. The excitement of believing 'this time will be better' leads to an increase of endorphins that tricks our brain into believing that this toxic pattern is good.

2. Jealousy means your partner cares and loves you deeply. Nope. Jealousy means they are insecure.

3. If they try to control you, it means they are committed. Nope. It could lead to a dangerous relationship.

4. You both believe that women are supposed to do most of the care taking.

5. It’s always healthy to split finances 50/50. Nope! Sacrifice is important.

6. Drinking daily or doing weed every day is just social use, not abuse. Nope.

7. Showing signs of anger in the first few months of a relationship is normal.

8. The “silent treatment” means things will blow over. Nope!

9. Not wanting to socialize with your friends and family means they just love being alone with you. It’s a compliment. Nope!

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