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Dating Behaviors That Are RED FLAGS

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These problem behaviors are all too often normalized, but they really should serve as your sign to walk away.

1) Ignoring Boundaries: There's a common belief that love requires us to fight for it relentlessly. However, when someone clearly communicates their need for space or disinterest in pursuing a relationship, persisting beyond their wishes means disregarding their boundaries.

2) Arguing Constantly: Arguments can be a part of any relationship, followed by passionate reconciliations. Yet, if these conflicts become a regular occurrence, the intensity may shift from romantic to unhealthy, even if the highs and lows seem alluring.

3) Jealousy and Possessiveness: Occasional bouts of jealousy are human nature. Nevertheless, consistent jealousy and controlling behavior indicate insecurity rather than love. Genuine love involves trust and allows room for personal space.

4) Adhering to Gender Stereotypes: The traditional notions of masculinity, such as dominance and emotional stoicism, may not always be desirable qualities in a modern relationship context.

5) Codependency: Rapidly intensifying relationships or spending every moment together might appear romantic, but they could signify codependency, a pattern where individuals become excessively intertwined, hindering their individual growth.

6) Intense Infatuation: When you meet someone and can't stop thinking about them, creating an idealized future together without truly knowing each other, it may seem like passionate infatuation. However, this intense fixation can hinder genuine intimacy, where people connect authentically, flaws and all.

7) Making Big Sacrifices: While some compromise and occasional sacrifices are inherent in a shared life, giving up personal dreams for the sake of love is not a noble act, contrary to the romanticized notion of such sacrifices.

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