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Lesbian same sex wedding party.

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Relationships are work and therapy is expensive! We got ya. Learn how the therapist do it and ask these questions. This is what couple’s therapists do: Prime the brain with positivity by remembering the love:

1. When do you feel most connected to me?

2. What do you enjoy doing most together?

3. Are there things we used to do, that you’d like to start again?

4. What are you most proud of about our life? Find the Core Issues:

5. What are our biggest issues?

6. What concerns you about us?

Solve Problems:

7. How can we improve our relationship?

8. Are there things you’d like to do together that we’ve never tried before?

9. What can we both do to increase trust in each other? Back to Love:

10. What’s the most recent thing I did for you, that you really appreciate?

For more information check out Very Well Mind.

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