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Dr. Melanie Balbach is Talking Male Birth Control

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A paper published Feb.14 in the journal Nature Communications, presents a novel approach to male contraception that looks promising in mice. Researchers tested a compound that blocks an enzyme sperm need to swim, suggesting a path to a fast-acting, temporary form of contraception. (Though tested in mice, many species including human males have the same enzyme.)

1. I understand that this compound that may be a breakthrough in male contraception was discovered by fluke because of another researcher’s fear of mice?

2. How does this compound work to block sperm’s reproductive potential?

3. You’re particularly encouraged because this effect is temporary? How many hours does it work for?

4. How did you know that it works in mice? Did it reduce sex drive?

5. What’s the next step for your research?

6. The big question is, would human males use it?

Dr. Balbach answers it all. Take a listen.

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