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Are you in RelationShape?

You kisses still give me butterflies

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How to Know If You’re NOT Ready to Date?

- You’re trying to make your Ex jealous

- You just want to have sex

- You are self-medicating

- You prefer to date multiple people so you don’t risk getting too close to one.

- You feel crazy anxiety when someone doesn’t text you back right away

- You’re constantly analyzing someone’s actions to figure out how they feel about you, social media talking, etc.

- You are focused only on what you’re hoping someone will give you or on what you’re ready to offer?

Readiness implies that you don’t need someone to actually give you anything at all; their existence in your life is a supplement

How to Know If You ARE Ready to Date?

- Have you done the work to truly recover from your last relationship?

- Have you gained enough self awareness to understand your part in your past relationships?

- Is your financial life in order? - Are your health habits ready to be shared?

- Have you learned about your attachment style? - Are you ready to give emotionally?

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