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The 10 Truths of Happy Relationships

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If you’re questioning, “How can I make my relationship happy?” know that happy relationships aren’t attributed to luck. It takes continual effort and commitment from both parties to want to be together according to Psych Central. Here are some signs of a happy relationship.

1. They Don’t Feel “In Love” The feeling of butterflies in your stomach won’t last forever. Keeping a realistic perspective helps you appreciate each moment together and helps you grow together through the hard times.

2. They Water their Relationship Garden “to care for it regularly, in the same way you would care for a living being. They think of conflict as “resistance” training, not the end.

3. They Regularly spend quality time together For relationships to grow and develop, you need to regularly spend time together. Ideally, couples need to reserve space in their schedules for quality time to build positive memories.

4. They spend quality time apart. Different couples have different needs for autonomy. As long as both partners are happy with the level of autonomy versus interdependency, there’s not a problem. Time apart can nurture a relationship by infusing novelty, or it can just feel lonely.

5. They appreciate each other’s differences “Try to ask yourself what the upside could possibly be to how your partner is different.”

6. They don’t try to change someone effectively communicating with your partner will help your partner make a conscious decision to change on their own. Change you and see how it changes the relationship.

7. They Pick their battles “Ask yourself, ‘Will this matter in 10 years?’ If the answer is no, then let it go,” Jordan says. It’s just not worth stressing about the small stuff, she adds.

8. They are really good listeners Communication is the key to all relationships, and if you cannot communicate effectively with your partner, your voice will not be heard .

9. They have complete honesty It’s the bedrock of intimacy. To feel deeply connected with someone you can’t withhold information or tell lies.

10. They respect each other Offering your partner respect every day shows them that they can trust you and that you’re worth investing in.

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