Old Dating Rules That Need to Come Back

Couple dating and flirting looking each other

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Dating has completely changed over the years. Some things went away and we think they need to make a full come back!

  1. Calling instead of texting. Texting takes the authenticity of a conversation. You can tell so much more from a phone call.
  2. Practicing chivalry. Open a door, walk on the outside of the sidewalk, and serve your partner first.
  3. Offer to pay the bill. Your partner will love it.
  4. Take the relationship slowly. There is no rush. We're building something real here.
  5. Introduce your date to your family. They are great judges of character.
  6. Write a cute love letter. How would you feel if someone did this for you? It has a timeless affect.
  7. Buy a thoughtful gift. Everyone wants to feel special and loved!

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