#LoveHacks to Keep Love Alive!

Dr. Wendy Walsh is back with her #LoveHacks!!!

But this time, she has a few specific hacks for keeping your love ALIVE:

  • Don't forget eye contact!
  • Looking your partner directly in the eyes tells them you're really listening to them... Dr. Wendy recommends gazing into their eyes at least once per day.
  • Schedule. Sex.
  • Yes, really!!! Spontaneous sex is for singles -- not long term committed mates.
  • You have to set boundaries... And then reset them.
  • Setting boundaries is a lifelong task in your relationship!
  • Water your garden!
  • A relationship isn’t a stone -- it’s a living thing that needs regular tending, just like a garden!
  • Don’t solve EVERY conflict.
  • Not every disagreement needs to be resolved... But it also shouldn’t be ignored.

For more of Dr. Wendy's #LoveHacks, take a to the featured segment below!