You Asked, And Dr. Wendy Answered

During this week's show, Dr. Wendy Walsh took some time to answer a few of YOUR questions -- anonymously of course!

But after reading what a few of you wrote in to the show, we figured these were some great questions (and answers) that just might be beneficial for others to hear as well...

The first listener had a two separate questions for Dr. Wendy:

"I listened to your episode on how you raise your children without saying "no", as long as they are not about to hurt themselves. How do you handle things like food, getting dressed, and being on time? I have the same ambition to not say no to everything, but I find myself having to say no or force some things when it comes to food etc. For example, I have "forced" my eldest to taste food, but if he still doesn't like it after tasting, it's fine. I have two sons, 2 years old and 6 months old."
"And my husband and I decided long ago that we only wanted two kids, to not contribute to overpopulation. Since we've had our second son, I haven't been so sure about that decision. The drive to reproduce is high and I would like to experience having a daughter. But my husband has stayed vigilant by our decision. At least I have asked him to postpone getting a vasectomy. Then, just before / just after him deciding not to get a vasectomy yet, he has started the process of donating sperm. I said it was fine with me, it's his body, but now I am feeling quite bad about it. Is there some evolutionary psychology behind these feelings? I definitely feel he should be free to do what he wants with his body, but at the same time, our agreement within our relationship is stopping my wish to reproduce - why should he be free to satisfy his reproductive drive?"

And the second listener writes:

"Would you mind doing an episode explaining more about how you feel that women should not hit on or be forward with men at the onset of an interaction? (Hope I'm not assuming, but there was an episode where you said women should sit on their eggs and wait for guys to come to them or something?) As an extrovert who is into introverts, I'm fascinated by this and would love to hear more about it."

To hear the answers and advice Dr. Wendy had for the two listeners, take a listen to the show below!