Let's Talk Vaccines! With Dr. Richard Pan

“I’m not going to sugarcoat this. We’re getting crushed.”

Those are the words of Dr. Brad Spellberg, chief medical officer at the University of Southern California Medical Center. He says hospitals in Los Angeles County have about 699 available beds right now – and only 69 of them are in ICUs. Considering L.A. County has 10 million residents, the remaining beds will likely fill up quickly, Spellberg adds.

And with the brand new COVID-19 vaccines being distributed across the country, we all have sooo many questions about what's next...

Dr. Richard Pan is a pediatrician, former UC Davis educator, and California State Senator from Sacramento County. He also chairs the Senate Committee on Health, and is one of the nation's top vaccine experts. And, he joined the Dr. Wendy Walsh Show this week to answer all of our vaccine questions!

Take a listen below: