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Dr. Wendy Walsh's Love Hacks

We all love a good 'life hack' -- but did you know there are also hacks that we can apply to our love life?!

Check out Dr. Wendy Walsh's list of 10 LOVE HACKS for a great relationship:

LOVE HACK #1 - Prime your lover!

'Priming' is when you start every day by saying a compliment (or something positive) to your partner. So instead of complaining about the things that went wrong with the day before, start with a compliment or some good news! It'll make a huge difference!

LOVE HACK #2 - Practice being wrong...

Dr. Wendy knows -- it’s never fun to be wrong! But in a relationship, the only winner there should ever be... is the relationship itself. Take a page out of Dr. Wendy's playbook and try out two of her favorite words, "I'm sorry!"

LOVE HACK #3 - Reward honesty with a kiss or a hug

Vulnerable conversations can be very tough to have, especially with your significant other... But don't let that keep you from having them. It's more than okay to be authentic and real, because that emotional intimacy truly is the glue that keeps people together!

LOVE HACK #4 - Do the stuff you’ve always wanted to do – but together!

Put together a list of the fun things you and your partner have always wanted to do -- like museums, different restaurants, or even a new bedroom trick! Novelty is a hallmark of a great relationship.

LOVE HACK #5 - Use texting... WISELY

I know it's hard to believe, but texting isn't just for sexting and grocery lists! It can also be used to send a sweet note from time to time. Try sending a "just thinking about you" text to keep that fire burning, but in an encouraging way.

LOVE HACK #6 - Do the things you did the first year you were dating

Don't let your relationship get lazy! When we get lazy, we lose patience and understanding, among many other things... A good way to avoid that is to do the things you and your partner did in the very beginning of your relationship.

LOVE HACK #7 - Compliment 5-1

Be an AFFIRMING partner! According to relationship researcher John Gottman, happy couples have a ratio of 5 positive interactions for every 1 negative interaction.

LOVE HACK #8 - Go to bed mad!

Surely you've heard the saying 'never go to bed mad'... Well, Dr. Wendy says that's all wrong! Because when you're extremely tired, or drunk, fighting is one of the last things you want to do with your partner. So don't stay up and hash it out -- go sleep it off first!

LOVE HACK #9 - Ask for what you want

Remember!!! Your partner is NOT a mind reader! You should never assume that they know how you feel, or even what you want. That goes for everything from your emotional wants and needs, to the sexual ones.

LOVE HACK #10 - Learn to LISTEN

It's so simple... Everyone just wants to be heard and understood! So try your best not to be defensive when your partner is talking. Instead, focus on truly listening to what they're saying and what they're feeling.

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