Dr. Wendy's Fan Favorite: Drive-By Dream Analysis

Dr. Wendy's at it again - interpreting your pre-conscious material. That'd be your dreams. What is your deep, dark, buried mind trying to tell you - in some cases over and over? Recurring dreams are trying REALLY hard to send you a message. Maybe it's time to listen.

This time Dr. Wendy tells a listener to try to control the ending of a dream she's been having since she was two! Lucid dreaming is powerful. Once you master being able to control your dreams, all kinds of things are possible like choosing exactly what you want to explore: a foreign country, a new language; some say they can meet up with lost loved ones; dreams may also be the best place to confront fears. You can't get hurt in dreams!

Maybe the best part of lucid dreaming is that even though it can feel like a super power, supposedly anyone can learn how to do it.

Listen to Dr. Wendy's Drive-By Dream Analysis below.

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