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BHS – 8A – Gas Prices Soaring |Handel and the House Whisperer

BHS - 7A – The WGA Deal | Senate Reaches Spending Deal

The WGA Deal: What writers got from the studios to end the strike. Wildfire-prone California to consider new rules for property insurance pricing. The US government and 17 states sue Amazon in landmark monopoly case. Senate announced a short-term deal to avert a government shutdown. McCarthy embraces major spending reductions in trying to win conservative support.

Handel on the News

Wayne Resnick and Amy King join Bill for Handel on the News. Senate reaches spending deal to head off government shutdown. WGA board votes to authorize members to go back to work. Video game performers prepared to strike for more pay, protections. New York judge finds Trump liable for fraud. L.A mayor declared a homeless emergency; a new lawsuit says it should be repealed. Target closing 9 stores nationwide in NYC, Seattle, San Francisco, Oakland, and Portland due to retail theft, company announces.

BHS – 8A – 'Tech Tuesday' with Rich DeMuro | The AR-15

KFI's own Tech Reporter Rich DeMuro joins The Bill Handel Show for a new edition of 'Tech Tuesday' talking about Google killing off a simple version og Gmail, people complaining about the iPhone 15, ChatGPT getting image support, Amazon Prime getting ads, and teens being bombarded with notifications. The selling of the AR-15, America’s most controversial gun.

BHS - 7A – Young People Working Habits | EV Charging Stations

LA County: 3,000 new mental health, substance use treatment beds. The way young adults work is driving their parents crazy. The race for more EV charging stations at offices and apartments.

Handel on the News

Wayne Resnick and Amy King join Bill for Handel on the News. Trump breaks with McCarthy, pushing Republicans to shut down the government. Eviction notices piling up in Los Angeles. Federal firefighters will quit in droves if Congress doesn’t take action, union warns. California high-speed rail gets $200MIL boost from Biden administration. Bill would criminalize ‘extremely harmful’ online ‘deepfakes.’ Costco members now have access to $29 online health care visits. DeSantis and Newsom officially agree to November 30 Fox News debate.

BHS – 8A – Social Media Cases | Health News

Wayne Resnick fills in for Bill on this Monday morning. Supreme Court social media cases. Amazon’s challengers and how Amazon has locked you in. News You Can Live With: Health News. Why UAW owes a debt to flight attendants (CHAOS Striking).

BHS - 7A – Budget Talks | Bullet Points

Wayne Resnick fills in for Bill on this Monday morning. What’s the latest on budget talks? The IRS will tax your ticket sale. ‘Bullet Points’, guns in the news. Airlines miles are their game.

Handel on the News

Wayne Resnick hosts Handel on the News alongside Amy King. Hollywood writers and studios reach tentative deal to end strike after nearly 150 days. A long-awaited asteroid sample has landed in the US. Lawmakers are pushing ideas to end government shutdowns forever. One bill to make lawmakers ‘finish your classwork during class.’ Shirtless suspect with dog leads police in golf cart pursuit. Mexico makes agreement with US to deport migrants from its border cities as one mayor warns his city is at a ‘breaking point.’

(09/23) HOTL Hour 1

Handel on the Law, Marginal Legal Advice.