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Need To Deliver Bad News? Hire A D-List Celebrity To Do It

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Having a hard time breaking the news to your boyfriend(s) or girlfriend(s), that the relationship is donezo? Maybe, you are afraid to inform your job company that you are parting ways? Well, fear no more! The popular app Cameo, can do it for you instead.

Cameo, an app on which celebrities sell videos and messages tailored to fans, commonly for birthdays, other milestones... [like a break up?]

According to Cameo's company data - the video company received almost 5,000 requests with the word “divorce” in the instructions, while almost 2,000 referenced “breakup,”.

Sports-content creator Robby Berger, received a video request from a man who wanted help asking for a divorce. 

“That was one of the most bizarre ones I’ve ever had,” Berger said. “The husband that requested it said that it would soften the blow that it came from me.” 
Berger felt less awkward because he sensed from the instructions that both partners knew the divorce was coming and it seemed like they wanted to end on a light note. He recorded a message that made a few jabs at the husband and sent it along. 
Jaron Myers, a 29-year-old stand-up comedian, got a request in 2021 for a video to convey a woman’s disinterest in dating someone—the first breakup video he remembers being asked to record. 
“Hey Ethan, last weekend you met a girl named Morgan,” Myers says in the video, which he posted to TikTok. “You had told her that I’m your favorite comedian and so she hired me on Cameo to break the news, that would hopefully hit a little softer.”
“Thanks for being a fan, man,” Myers wrapped up. “I really hope that you find somebody. Just not Morgan. Leave that girl alone.”

Cameo users have the option to select different price ranges on their website that start as low as $1 - $2,000 and more.

Some of the talent include, Actress/Singer Lindsay Lohan, Actor/ Comedian Orny Adams, and rock-legend Melissa Etheridge, just to name a few.

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