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L.A. developer Akhilesh Jha’s proposal to build apartment complex in SFV

Warner Center in San Fernando Valley Los Angeles California

Photo: pastorscott / E+ / Getty Images

Akhilesh Jha’s has a proposal to pitch but many Woodland Hills residents aren’t too thrilled about the new plans to replace a single-family home with a seven-story apartment complex.

However, the Los Angeles Planning Commission obliged, ordering Jha to scale down the project.

But Jha is aerospace engineer turned real estate developer, refused the idea. Later, he decided to come back with stronger proposition as he added another floor to the idea! Bringing it to eight floors.

Jha knows his law as he worked around it and the planning commission agreed on his 33-unit apartment complex and aims for the project to jump start in one year.

Jha is a smart individual that has been learning everything there is to learn on state laws and city zoning codes.

He targeted single-family homes where he will have the support from the law; granting him to build much bigger.

Jha is taking advantage of an opportune moment when California politics are turning away from the slow-growth mantra that has dominated in established cities and suburbs over the last half century. In the face of a crushing housing affordability crisis and shortage of available homes, state lawmakers have approved more than 100 new laws in six years that are designed to incentivize new housing proposals and force local governments to approve them.
Jha wants to replace a four-bedroom home with an apartment complex of 67 units, seven of which, because of the density bonus & related incentive programs, would be reserved for low-income disabled veterans I[n the suburbs of Woodland Hills, in the San Fernando Valley.]

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