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LAPD Officers Wounded In Shootout With Suspect

KFI's Steve Gregory is covering the story of three LAPD officers who were shot and wounded last night in Lincoln Heights following a shootout with a suspect who has been described as a 'parolee-at-large.'

The officers, from the Hollenbeck Community Police Station, were conducting a felony investigation in the neighborhood when they saw the suspect walking down an alley and enter a shed. When they contacted the suspect, he refused to comply. Eventually officers deployed tear gas to try to get him out but it didn't work.

LAPD Commander Stacy Spell said at a news conference:

"Unfortunately, that suspect responded to that chemical agent by opening fire on the officers. The officer then returned fire and as a result of that, three officers from the Metropolitan K-9 Unit were struck."

Those officers were taken to the hospital and are in stable condition.

The suspect barricaded himself again and refused any contact.

SWAT was called and two LAPD robots were brought in and eventually entered the home and deployed more tear gas. Eventually SWAT officers entered and found the suspect unresponsive. It's not clear yet if the suspect shot himself or was shot in the exchange of gunfire with police.

Steve joined Handel to talk about it all played out.

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