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It's Timmy Time -- Vote For Timmy The Sheep!

Photo: Darcy Smith, Funky Chicken Rescue

A sweet sheep in Vacaville, California named Timmy could be the star of the new Cadbury Bunny commercial!

Timmy lives at the Funky Chicken Rescue Sanctuary, home to more than 200 animals. Darcy Smith is the co-founder of the sanctuary, and she says that she loves ALL the animals there, but Timmy holds a very special place in her heart.

Timmy was from a farm in Utah and as a baby lamb, had an infection that left him unable to walk. Darcy rescued him and brought him to their sanctuary to see if they could help him. Several different vets told Darcy that Timmy would never walk and should be euthanized, but she believed that she could help him. She fitted him with leg braces and helped him stand and eventually Timmy started to walk and hop, like a bunny!

She decided to enter Timmy in the 2023 Cadbury Bunny Contest. Thousands of entries are received every year, so it's a tough contest, but Timmy was chosen as one of ten finalists and now it's time to vote! Voting is open through Tuesday, and we want to help Timmy win the top spot.

VOTE FOR TIMMY HERE. You can vote once a day.

You can see the rest of the finalists here.

The winner receives a $10,000 prize, split between the winner and a non-profit helping rescued animals but Darcy says:

"If Timmy wins, we would just use all of the money, the whole $10,000, to take care of the animals," Smith said.

Check out the Funky Chicken Rescue Sanctuary website. Follow them on Instagram @ImTheFunkyChicken

Darcy joined Wayne Resnick for Wake Up Call this morning, listen to that interview below

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