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'I Am Jesus Christ' The Video Game

Low Angle View Of Jesus Statue Against Blue Sky

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Since it's Ash Wednesday, we thought we would pay homage to Jesus by telling you about a video game called 'I Am Jesus Christ,' unveiled at this year's IGN Fan Fest.

We are totally serious.

It's not a joke, it's a real game created by Polish game developer SimulaM and it's been described as a historical Jesus simulation game "that lets you step into the sandals of the Son of God himself in the first-person perspective." SimulaM says the game takes players on a journey starting from Jesus' birth. They say the game lets you:

"Perform amazing miracles, interact with a cast of biblical figures and travel around the Holy Land from Jerusalem to Galilee."

Some of the miracles you'll be able to perform? Walking on water, turning water into wine, healings (including shrinking down to a microscopic size to enter someone's body to cure them), and moving large rocks out of the way using your mind. But in order to do that, you need to keep an eye on your 'Holy Spirit Meter,' which depletes with each miracle performed, so choose your miracles wisely!

If you're wondering, the game does include you being crucified....and being resurrected, and ultimately there will be an 'over-the-top boss battle against Satan,' so that sounds cool.

The first phase of the game, I Am Jesus Christ: Prologue is available to play on PC's now for free, and the full game is scheduled for release sometime in the second quarter of the year.

The game's developers are also getting ready to release: Noah's Ark, a simulation in which you get guessed it, build Noah's Ark, and Moses: From Egypt to the Promised Land, which will likely involve you having to avoid several plagues while you make your trek to the promised land.

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