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Red Robin Employee Fired After Reports of Putting Edibles in To-Go Orders

Red Robin Restaurant

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After multiple reports of an employee placing drug-laced treats in to-go orders, a North Carolina Red Robin employee has been fired.

Local North Carolina news outlet, WSOC, first reported about the employee placing edibles in to-go orders after one of their employees received drug-laced treats in two different to-go orders they received.

The edibles included a business card that promoted, "Kellz Sweet Treets : The Incredible Edible".

After the media outlet publicized reports about the drug-laced items being placed in to-go orders, local Mecklenburg County Health Department decided to investigate the incident(s) and paid a visit to the location. After a walk-through of the location, nothing suspicious was found inside the restaurant.

After multiple reports though, the employee that was believed to be responsible for placing those drug-laced treats in the to-go orders was fired from the restaurant.

Mecklenburg County Heath Department released a statement regarding the incident(s):

"Mecklenburg County Environmental Health completed a site visit after being notified of possible edibles in takeout bags at the Red Robin located at 8304 Kenbrooke Rd. A complete walk through of the facility was conducted and all food items were FDA/USDA approved, no food items from any unapproved sources were found. The NC DHHS Environmental Health Section and NC Department of Agriculture were notified and provided this complaint for further consideration."

Red Robin also released a statement. It read:

"Thank you for making us aware of this matter. We addressed internally and put an immediate stop to it. This was not done with our knowledge and the team member involved is no longer employed by us."

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