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Starting Pay for New Apple Employees Boosted to $22 Per Hour

Apple Store

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In an announcement made on Wednesday, Apple shared that it has boosted the starting rate for new employees to the company in the United States to $22 per hour. This comes as companies continue to face a tight labor market and a surge in unionization efforts amid rising inflation.

The increase in pay represents a 45% increase from 2018 levels and will be the new floor for entry-level positions.

“This year as part of our annual performance review process, we’re increasing our overall compensation budget,” said a company spokesperson.

Some workers for the company have been informed that their annual reviews would be advanced by 3 months with the new rate taking effect early July according to the Wall Street Journal, who first reported the company’s changes in compensation. Apple did not immediately respond to a request for further details regarding the compensation changes.

Apple is based out of Cupertino, CA. and has a reputation for its reticent culture. That was at least up until last year, when some current and former employees began criticizing the company’s working conditions on the internet.

In April of this year, workers at the Apple store in Atlanta filed a petition to hold a union election in efforts to become the company’s first store in the United States to unionize amid a wave of labor activity at other major firms.

Google and Microsoft are other examples of large tech companies that have revised performance reviews or adjusted wages this year as the fight to retain workers engulfs the nation.

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