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New Jersey man goes viral for accidentally cleaning wrong apartment

A South New Jersey man is going viral on TikTok for a hilarious misunderstanding!

Louis Angelino III has been making money on the side cleaning houses. His shining talents led him to a new client... and, it was someone he didn't know.

"He tells me there's a key under the mat," said Angelino.

He walked into a home with a key under the door and he went to work.

"I swiffered, I swept, I vacuumed, I fluffed the pillows, I cleaned the stove, I did the bathroom," he said.

It took him 2.5 hours to clean the home, and then his phone rang.

"Did you come out today? Did you clean?" his client asked.

"(I said) 'Yeah, I came out today. Yeah, I cleaned. I just cleaned for the past 2.5 hours. Where are you? I'm sitting on your couch right now playing with your cat waiting for you to walk in.' And he's like, 'Louis I don't have a cat,'" Angelino said.

But, Beth Motzel and her husband do!

"We had put a key under the mat for our contractor to come in," Motzel said.

She had been down the shore on June 28 when she got a call from her husband.

"Beth, somebody broke in and cleaned our house," said Motzel, who also lives in Cherry Hill.

Angelino had made a navigational error. He misread a "7" in the address for a "2" and ended up at the Motzel's house.

He said it's the best mistake he could have made and has been posting the story on TikTok under his handle: @stayscrewy.
The video is going viral with almost a million views.

Now, Angelino wants to open a business and call himself, "The Cleaning Fairy."
He also said the new venture has been good for his health. "I realized cleaning was like my therapy because when I took a messy situation and I made it all nice and neat afterward, it was very satisfying to me," Angelino said.

As for the Motzel's, when asked if they're still going to keep a key under the mat, Beth said, "Oh, the key is gone."

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