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Top 5 States with the RUDEST Drivers!

Some states have drivers that are just mean.

A new study published by Bankrate is saying, which analyzed five different data sources from Bryden & Sullivan, Zippia's and as well as's Bad Driver Index and's Ranking of Worst Drivers. The personal finance website examined each U.S. states' ranking to create a "rude driving score" based on general rudeness, poor driving patterns, and habits. Then, Bankrate ranked each state by its earned score!


Here were the findings:

Coming in hot at number five...
NEW MEXICO - they followed better road practices out of the five states, but the study found New Mexico at number five.

Then, at number four...
OREGON - the drivers in Oregon were less rude than New Mexico by three points, but the state was listed in "the top half" of bad drivers.

Number three...
FLORIDA - the state just has to make its way in any study, doesn't it? The state is "near the top of the list" in the World Population Review's Bad Driver Index.

Take two!
NEVADA - the state was a "close second" in the ranking of the rudest drivers.

And... Number one! ..

You guessed it...

We're number one!
CALIFORNIA - much like Nevada, California ranked low in overall rudeness, but has a "higher than average alcohol involvement" which "can lead to rude driving."

Stay safe out there, especially you Californians.

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