Worst Date EVER

According to CNN, when a Massachusetts local woman scheduled a date with Christopher Castillo, she had hoped for a lovely evening and potential love connection, however, he date had other plans. 

Apparently, once she picked Castillo up from his house, he asked if she could stop off at Bristol County Savings Bank branch. Assuming he needed cash before the date, she willingly brought him there and waited in the car. 

After a few minutes, she saw Castillo sprinting towards her in a disguise with $1,000 in cash and a gun in hand. He ordered her to drive immediately and although she was panicked, she drove off. 

Unknown to him, the bank had alerted authorities, and once Castillo’s poor date saw sirens, she immediately pulled over. The cops arrested Castillo even though he violently struggled. 

Castillo now faces five years in prison, but his date was not charged. 


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