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Man Caught Shoplifting Still Applies For Job During The Same Visit

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So there's guts and being daring.

But then there's this Wyoming man.

He's on a complete different level of guts.

Police in northern Wyoming are reporting that a man who was allegedly caught shoplifting at a Sportsman's Warehouse store TWICE in the same day still applied for a job position later on in the say.

Truly, there is no words to describe this.

What made him think they would hire him?

According to the Gillette News Record, the 36-year-old man bought some items with a reward card but allegedly stole sunglasses and ammunition.

Police say he later on returned to the store and asked for a job application. When he left the store, he left with two more pairs of sunglasses unpaid for.

Officers found the man and recovered the items and issued him a citation.

I mean, was it all a ploy?

Was he only applying so he could steal more sunglasses?

Honestly, I think it be great if he was hired.

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