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34 Years Ago A New Coke Was Released To The Public

One of the most iconic companies in American history is Coca-Cola.

We all know how much Handel loves his Diet cokes.

He drinks multiples cans a day.

That's why we have to honor and acknowledge an iconic day in their historic franchise.

34 years ago, after careful planning, Coca-Cola released "New Coke" to the public.

This was the first time in 99 years that the company experienced a formula change.

During this time, the consumer interest in Coke was falling and desperately needed something to bring their customers back.

A large percentage of customers actually preferred the new formula the company was trying.

"What these tests didn't show, of course, was the bond consumers felt with their Coca-Cola - something they didn't want anyone, including The Coca-Cola Company, tampering with," a 2012 article on Coke's corporate site said.

This loyalty prevailed strong because eventually calls started coming into Coca-Cola's offices complaining that their favorite drink was gone.

This led to both Old Coke and New Coke to share shelf space for a period. Eventually with New Coke disappearing from US stores.

For more information on the history of this story, please read here.

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