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Man Buries Friend In His Backyard And Deems It To Be A "Bad Decision"

Sometimes we make bad decisions.

We make a late payment on a bill and have to pay a fee.

We tell a white lie.

We sometimes go out the night before a long shift at work.

These are universal bad decisions.

Well, it might not be so universal for Florida.

Ahh yes, gold ole' Florida.

The one and only sunshine state.

We've all heard the crazy stories that come out of Florida and today is no different.

Greg Palermo buried his friend in his backyard.

Yes, without calling 9-1-1 after he found his friend unconscious on the floor he decided to bury him in the backyard.

I know, it's crazy but it gets even better.

Palermo believed he was being targeted from the police because he was just arrested on drug charges, so he made a choice out of panic.

When trying to add some logic to his reasoning, Palermo explained, “He jokingly said that morning while we were fishing that he wouldn’t mind being buried in my backyard because it’s so pretty."

YES! That's the thing you do. Instead of calling for help to save your friend, take him up on his offer on being buried in your backyard because it's pretty.

Eventually, police turned up at his property with a warrant to search the property for methamphetamines and that was when he gave in and admitted there was a body under the patio.

"I made a bad decision because I was scared. Law enforcement had threatened me the night before...when this happened, I got scared. The gentleman ran in and said he didn’t have any family and a mother who’s a junkie, so figured I would honor his last wishes. I made a poor choice, I should have just called 911. Everyone said he was already dead but I still tried to give him CPR for 20 minutes."

Oh boy.

What a casual way to explain things.

Florida, please never change.

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