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There's An Art Exhibit Made Entirely Of Peeps Candy

Someone needs to get Bill Handel on a flight to Wisconsin ASAP.

We all know how much Handel loves his Peeps candy.

To him, there is no better time in the year than when the peeps are back in the shelves.

Not many people share this opinion with Handel, but apparently the people of Wisconsin do.

They are hosting an art exhibit made entirely of Peeps candy.

Yes, you heard me right.

Art made with peeps.

Racine Art Museum has been hosting this exhibit for the last ten years and it's a huge success with residents.

“The show has always been popular with audiences,” says Jessica Zalewski, the RAM’s marketing and publications manager. “It typically accounts for about 8-10 percent of our total annual attendance. And we’re hoping that this will be our biggest show yet.”

The names of these art display are even better.

The puns are truly out of this world.

These are some of the best names from last year's exhibit "Two Peeps in a Pod", "Let me Peeple Go", "Pass the Peeper", and "We Come in Peeps".

Check out more pictures of the exhibit here.

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