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Brunchables Are Real

The light-bulb,telephones, cars, radios.

When you hear those words together, you immediately think of some of the world's greatest inventions.

We have another word for you to add to the list.

Are you ready for it?


Yes, it's what you think!

It's a combination of breakfast and lunch in a lunchables package.

They come in three different variations: Bacon & Cheese, Breakfast Ham & Cheese and Breakfast Sausage & Cheese.

We all know how much Handel loves his Ham & Cheese baguette.

He's going to need the breakfast ham & cheese brunchable ASAP.

Many people on the internet were unsure about this announcement because it was announced on April Fools Day.

But Lunchables confirmed it and it really is coming.

“For years we’ve seen fans ask whether or not Lunchables would create a breakfast version," Zach Meyers, Kraft Heinz director of marketing, said in a statement. "We’re excited to finally unveil Brunchables, an exciting new choice at breakfast that helps start kids’ days off right.

They are expected to arrive in select stories nationwide.

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