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Australian Fisherman Hooks A Giant Shark Just As Another One Bites It

You never know what you're going to experience in Australia.

The food chain is out of this world in the south-land and an Australian fisherman experienced this firsthand.

During a fishing trip off the coast of New South Wales, Trampman Bermagui (also known as Jason) , successfully hooked a bronze whaler shark.

There's a catch though.

The shark was promptly eaten by an even larger creature though.

While Bermagui was trying to bring in the mako shark, that's when it was attacked leaving alone it's head intact.

“We didn’t see what ate the mako,” Jason told CNN, estimating that the intact shark would have weighed “at least” 550 pounds. The head alone weighed about 220 pounds, he said.

Looking at the size of the shark Bermagui caught and then analyzing the size of the bike taken out of it, many have wondered what monstrous creature was the culprit of this attack.

Check out the size of this shark and it's bite below.

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