Those Animated Toy Bricks Are Back!

I remember when I saw the trailer for first 'LEGO' movie (strangely enough called, The LEGO Movie ), I immediately thought it was going to tank! I was bothered that my favorite childhood building blocks were being made into a movie just to be monetized just to sell more in stores.

I along with many other moviegoers were pleasantly surprised that that was not the case. Yes, LEGO is at the core a cash cow franchise, but it continues to amaze because it hits moviegoers with clever pop-culture references, childlike imagination, and family-orientated drama.

You will catch yourself laughing at the ridiculousness of the storylines, yet you will relate to a lot of what happens to the family involved. The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part doesn't necessarily break new ground from the other LEGO movies (three previously), but it is very much enjoyable. There are a couple of hilarious musical gags and even a Batman duet!

The LEGO franchise gets loads of help from the studio, however. Warner Bros. uses much of its properties like DC, Mad Max , and The Lord of the Rings franchises to give the LEGO franchise a sturdy backbone, while poking good fun at itself.

While not as fresh as the other movies in the franchise, it's still a dang good funny, visually appealing, and cleverly catchy movie you and yours will like.

By the way, do you know the story of LEGO? Like, how the toy company was created? If time permits, click the LEGO block below to watch the animated history from The LEGO Group and see how it all started!


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