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Man holds onto roof of car in Road Rage incident

Living in California, we have or have had our share of taking part in road rage. Some more than others maybe.
But, have you gone to extent as this Massachusetts man?

*watch video*

Crazy right?

The incident started with a sideswipe. Richard Kamrowski, 65, confronted Mark Fitzgerald, 37, after a verbal altercation over the minor traffic accident.

At one point, Fitzgerald was completely over the confrontation and attempted to drive away.
That's when Kamrowski sprung into action. Literally.

He jumped onto the hood of Fitzgerald's SUV and held on for about 3 miles as Fitzgerald drove off! Fitzgerald drove up to speeds of 70 mph!

He was eventually stopped by other drivers on the road, with one commuter even pointing a gun at Fitzgerald to get him to comply.
"I thought he was going to run over me," Kamrowski said.

The police arrested both men with Fitzgerald getting charged with assault with a dangerous weapon, negligent operation, and leaving the scene of a crash causing property damage.
Kamrowski faces disorderly conduct charges.

Fitzgerald didn't give a statement.
He ran away from reporters.

Ran away, not ran over.

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